Twenty-two year old feminist, currently in school to be a Medical Assistant.
I've got three kickass dogs, travel as much as my budget allows, and do zombie makeup when in season.
I enjoy Stella Artois, women with long hair or men with beards and watching movies.
This is a random collaboration of things that I enjoy,
and some really stupid stuff that makes me laugh.

My name's Stephanie Romero

literally have 48 pages left in Coalition’s End…

I think I’ll finish it tomorrow after work, I’ve been reading all day. I will say one this thing though, I cannot wait until the game comes out so I can start bringing the rain down on the damn glowies.

Shit just got personal on my I-love-these-game-characters-too-much-to-let-damn-glowies-be-the-end-of-them level. Forty-eight pages left, but these damn polyps have been such a pain throughout the whole read.

Still… with every page I turn I can’t help but think, this really is the end, isn’t it?

Sunday, 11 - 09 - 2011

#gears of war 3 #coalition's end #glowies #lambent #polyps #this really is the end isn't it? #If you haven't noticed I'm a really big fucking GoW fan
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