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Twenty-two year old feminist, currently in school to be a Medical Assistant.
I've got three kickass dogs, travel as much as my budget allows, and do zombie makeup when in season.
I enjoy Stella Artois, women with long hair or men with beards and watching movies.
This is a random collaboration of things that I enjoy,
and some really stupid stuff that makes me laugh.

My name's Stephanie Romero

So at Phoenix Comic Con last night I had a few Sonic Screwdrivers(and a Vulcan Mind Probe, but didn’t take a picture, it was green), and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time ever. Being my first time, I had a V drawn on my face and was a virgin sacrifice.

I also saw the Tenth Doctor walking through a crowd of adventure time ravers calmly drinking a cup of water with a smile on his face.

It was fun.

I’m Just Your Problem (x)